Clean Right Floor Specialist

Spring 2017 Website Redesign

Clean Right wanted to have their existing website upgraded to be more modern, mobile, and user-friendly. They also wanted a way to showcase their testimonials because they get a lot of love from their customers. This project allowed me to make all of this possible and to help continue growing their brand through the web.

clean right floor specialist


Clean Right was very happy with the successful launch of their refreshed website. The site has the majority of their content in a single page layout with a few branching pages. The site represents the Clean Right brand and their values. One thing I wish we had more of before launch would be more of the before and after photos. Over time that's something that will change because I discussed the importance of having good quality before and after photos to showcase their work. The site runs on the latest version of Wordpress and utilizes Divi for the theme. I cannot stress enough the power that Divi brings. You can check out their site here.

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