Artistic Concrete Group

Spring 2014 Site Redesign

I was originally contacted by a good friend of mine on Instagram to give them some recommendations on their current website. They originally wanted me to help implement a photo gallery on their company website. I was able to add a gallery to their site, but I had advised them that it would not display perfectly due to the bad HTML syntax and outdated coding structure from the previous web developer. I provided them with a more modern website that was also very user-friendly.



The finished site launched without a hitch. It was powered by HTML5, CSS3, jQuery, CodeIgniter and Foundation Framework. In mid-2015, the site was overhauled once again by a family friend. The updated site still uses some of the same design aesthetics and features that I implemented with my original update. This update also made the site mobile friendly. I was still studying mobile techniques during the development of the original overhaul and it was also not important to have implemented at the time. This site was also updated again as part of SEO campaign that was being heavily invested into to greatly improve search engine ranking with continuous and fresh content outside of a one-time overhaul.

Things to take away

This was my first big project outside of school. I learned many things and got to experience what a client relationship is all about. I studied their business and focused a lot on designing the site as very visual and easy to use. Their beautiful work is something that has to be shown off, also some key elements had to be placed as helpers to inform their customers about their products and services. I was extremely happy with the finished site and they were as well. You can check out their current site here.

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